Short Works of Fiction by T.D. Edge

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System, Magic, Spirit

Originally published in Beneath Ceaseless Skies

Wizard Ambrose just wants to die; wimpish Prince Jestin wants to woo Princess Temaline. Trouble is, she’s  already betrothed. Jestin must fight a warrior to the death for her but stands no chance without Ambrose’s magic.

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A Most Notorious Woman

Originally published in Albedo One

Grace O’Malley, the Pirate Queen, ruled the sixteenth century seas. But can she conquer the future too?

“The editorial team save the best story until last; T. D. Edge’s ‘A Most Notorious Woman’ . . . Edge creates a marvellously larger than life heroine in Grace O’Malley and the story is one of the best of 2009. Outstanding.” Suite 101



Instant Posh

Originally published in Darwin’s Evolutions

Tony’s happy being batman to Big Trev’s damage-causing/limitation family business in London. But when this well-bred bird turns up at the bar and sets Tony’s old jam tart a trembling, he decides to lean on one of Big Trev’s inventor debtors to get himself some instant posh.


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A Catechism for Pride

Originally published in New Myths

Tony is the Cockney concierge on the Earth’s first orbiting hotel, who can fix anything for anyone. When a genius sculptor arrives, Tony sees his chance to finally become a big player–but has he fatally underestimated the artist’s powers?


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Below the Bollocks Line

Originally published in Mirror Shards Vol. One

Bill Wilson wants out from all the advertising virtual bollocks he’s forced to consume just to qualify for a government apartment—like the talking tofuburgers and the animapuppies . . . seems the only thing that’s real is his son’s vagina.

From The New Podler Review of Books:

“For me, the 2011 winner, hands down, was Mirror Shards. This anthology, about the impact of augmented reality upon society, featured a diverse array of authors. Indie author, Thomas Carpenter, assembled the stories from both traditionally published and indie writers and published it under his Black Moon Books imprint. The end result was a highly entertaining and thought provoking read.”

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Keri’s Last Run

Originally published in Aoifi’s Kiss


In a world without horses, human runners must carry the King’s secret messages. Keri Ostrader is the best and this is his last run, but he’s in love with Princess Arianne and doesn’t trust her father, the King . . .


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Sir Bazalgette’s Spirit Bowl

Originally published in The Edge of Propinquity


Richard makes the mistake of spending the night with Sam, an East End gangster’s girlfriend, and now it seems his only hope lies in the same place his life is headed – the crapper!


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My story in Arc 1.2, “Big Dave’s in Love”:












My story: “Be Clear and Prosper”


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My Story: “Repairs”


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    • Thanks, Mike. Same to you with your Novel Fox sale. I’m very fond of ‘Where’s the Tiger’s Head?’ since it’s rooted in the East End side of my family.

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